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Do you own a local, independent business in Jackson, MI? Then join us. Qualifying businesses must have at least 51% ownership by Jackson residents, who are able to make all business decisions or, in other words, operate independently).  Benefits include  spotlight page within the JXN Local First web site,  a free listing in our upcoming print directory, and "Local First" brand recognition by consumers of the value your business adds to our community. In return we ask that you add local value by:

  1. Spreading the message to your customers about the benefits of buying local.
  2. Tying your business closer to the local economy and community.
  3. Running the kind of business that locals can be proud to call their own.
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  • Meeting Minutes
  • Member-to-Member Blog/Forum
  • Enhanced Content - business articles, links, etc
If you have signed up and have not received a welcome packet or if you need a new Local First "window cling," please email us at info@jxnlocalfirst.com.
Who we are...
JXN Local First is a non-
profit organization
designed to support and
promote locally-owned,
businesses in Jackson
County and to educate the
public to the social and
economic benefits of doing
business local first.
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locally-owned and